Measure the Burden on CTs and VTs with the Omicron CPC 100 Test System

Omicron-CPC-100The Omicron CPC 100 Multi-functional Primary Test System allows the verification of the ratio and polarity of CTs and VTs – preventing wrong connections, especially in the case of tapped CTs. Injecting current or voltage into individual CTs / VTs and checking the reading at the relay ensures that phases are not mixed up and that the CT and VT ratio setting in the relay is correct.

The CPC 100 can also measure the burden on the CTs and VTs and, by determining the CT’s excitation curve, it ensures that the protection circuits are connected to the appropriate CT cores.

The CPC 100 can inject up to 800 A (2 000 A with the CP CB2) or up to 2 kV as well as a sawtooth polarity check signal into CTs or VTs in the HV yard, hence performing testing on the whole system.

With the CPC 100 primary faults can be simulated to check if overcurrent, differential or distance relays operate correctly. The total trip time including the CB operating time can also be measured in this test.

The modular equipment (29 kg / 65 lbs,) can be easily transported thanks to its sturdy cases, which can also be used to place the instruments onto for working at a comfortable height.

For convenient transport or mobile use such as in test fields or in substations/power plants, the instrument can be mounted onto a trolley.

The Omicron CPC 100 Multi-functional Primary Test System is used to control the test, i.e.:

• entering the voltage and frequency values where C and cos j / tan d shall be measured

• starting and stopping the test

• supervising the measurement progress and intermediate results

• storing results on flash disk and USB memory stick

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