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Measure Temperatures at a Safe Distance with Fluke 66 Thermometer

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Infrared thermometers are essential tool in diagnosing problems cause by heat. You can safely take the temperature of an object without getting too close to it. This prevents accidents from happening due to being to close to the test object.

An overloaded transformer may look fine externally but the may have a very hot temperature internally.  The insulation oil can get very hot and  cause serious burns to personnel and damage to
high voltage test equipment. To prevent accident like this, you should use an infrared thermometer to assess the transformers temperature at a safe distance before conducting maintenance tests.Fluke power testing instruments has a wide selection of thermometers ideal for industrial and residential use. You can check out the Fluke 66  IR thermometer. This offer a wide temperature measurement range of -25 up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It also lets you measure temperature at a distance of 12:1 spot ratio. It is very lightweight and constructed using durable materials to ensure lasting operation.

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