Measure Rotational Speed Safely with the AMETEK 1726 Tachometer

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If you work around large motors or engines, you might consider getting a non-contact tachometer. This allows you to accurately measure the rotational speed at a safe distance. You might be interested with the AMETEK 1726 Tachometer.

The AMETEK 1726 has the capability of measuring rotational speed using non-contact and contact methods. Its photoelectric pick up allows you to measure rotational speed up to 12 inches away which gives you ample distance when working with heavy machinery. It has an accuracy of +/-0.025% and displays results in 16 units. Results are displayed in its easy-to-read LCD screen with adjustable viewing angles. It also comes with a standard 10 cm wheel, convex and concave tips for contact measurements. It has an impact resistant case which allows it to tolerate harsh operating conditions. If you want to try out the AMETEK 1726 before purchasing, you can rent one from a 
test equipment rental company. This lets you to evaluate the features in real-world conditions.

You can rent the AMETEK 1726 from Protec Equipment Resources. Get excellent rental service and the best support at affordable rates. Contact us and consult an electrical test equipment expert on how you can rent the AMETEK 1726 Non-contact/Contact Tachometer.