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Measure Rotating Speed at a Safe Distance with the Monarch NovaStrobe Digital Tachometer

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When planning to invest in electrical test equipment, it is important to include a non-contact tachometer so you can safely measure rotational speed of motors, generators and other rotating machinery. This tool lets you measure speed of spinning machinery at a safe distance. This reduces the risk of getting injured during diagnostics. 

Monarch NovaStrobe Strobe Tachometer is a reliable tachometer with great features. it only weighs 1.8 lbs and can continuously work up to 2 hours in just one charging. It is portable which makes it a suitable tool for industrial applications. It has a divide by 2 and times 2 button that lets you check for harmonics, true RPM, and stop motion beyond the 20,000 flashes per minute limit. There’s also a tachometer mode which allows you to measure rotating speed of up to 250,000 RPM using optional sensors. The NovaStrobe has a last measurement memory and can also store 6 selectable user values.

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