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Measure Power Quality Events Accurately with the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer

Amprobe DM-IIIWhen power quality deteriorates, your electrical system and equipment is at risk of premature failure. Bad power quality also causes electromagnetic interference to be radiated throughout the facility. This means sensitive equipment like computers and hospital machines may operate erratically or lock up. This can cause serious problems and interruption of service. Technicians often evaluate the power quality of an electrical system to ensure maximum efficiency and to prolong the operating life of equipment.

The Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer  is one of the fully-featured power quality analyzers on the market today. It that can help you analyze and pinpoint power quality issues in your electrical system. It has True RMS technology that allows you to accurately measure a wide spectrum of power quality events even in the most demanding environments. The Amprobe DM-III also allows you to simultaneously record up to 64 power events in single and three-phase power systems. You can attach this analyzer to a computer to transfer data, analyze and create reports. It also has other electrical testing functions like phase sequence indicator, 1 kV MegOhmmeter and ground tester. 

The Amprobe DM-III is available for rent, lease or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. Please call our electrical test equipment specialists for a quotation.

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