Measure Insulation Integrity with AC and DC Hipot Testing

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Hipot testing verifies insulation integrity in high power voltage systems and delivers results that enable techs to determine whether insulators have the potential to fail. Good diagnostic testing is needed on a regular basis to prevent accidents to employees or major damage to electrical equipment. The three major forms of hipot testing involve VLF, DC and AC hipot test systems with each test made up of high voltage, meter and switching components. 

maintenance test supplies high voltage to the conductor to determine any leakage that might be flowing. If an insulator is performing correctly, the test will return without any leak or at most very small current leak meaning there is high enough resistance for the system to operate at its appropriate current levels. 

AC and DC hipot both supply the appropriate voltage for their testing method with AC registering at 50 to 60 hertz and DC can reach as high as 200 kV. We supply electric test equipment for hipot testing, cable fault locator tests, insulation resistance testing and more from major manufacturers such as Doble, High Voltage, Hipotronics and Megger. 

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