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Measure Fiber Optic Cable Performance with the Fluke FOM

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High fiber optic cable losses can cause severe corruption of the bit stream. This can lead to spotty voice or data service. If you need to regularly check the performance of your fiber optic cable installations but are on a tight budget, consider getting a fiber optic meter module for your digital multimeter.

After a while of operation, fiber optic cables may turn opaque and introduce cable losses to the system. This can affect the performance of the network and can put the network to a halt. It is important to maintain your fiber optic installations to ensure continuous service. If you are looking for fiber optic 
cable test equipment, you might be interested in the Fluke FOM. The Fluke FOM is a module that allows you to use a digital multimeter as a readout device. This costs less than buying a whole fiber optic meter. It has a germanium photodetector which can sense long wavelengths of up to 1600 nm. It is powered by a 9 Volt battery which can last from 16-100 hours depending on usage.

If you want to evaluate the Fluke FOM, consider renting from Protec Equipment Resources. Our inventory also carries a wide array of fiber optic cable testing equipment from Fluke power diagnostics and other brands. Contact us today for a complete list of available fiber optic diagnostic equipment.