Measure 3 Winding Resistances Simultaneously with the Vanguard LTCA-40

Vanguard_LTCA-40The Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer is designed to accurately measure the winding resistance of highly inductive power transformers. The unit’s triple resistance reading input channels can measure three winding resistances simultaneously.

A special feature of this device is its ability to measure and graph the resistance trace of a transformer LTC or voltage regulator contact during operation. One resistance input channel is dedicated to this feature. The Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer provides stable resistance readings of very large transformers by utilizing a 60 Vdc power supply capable of outputting a test current up to 40 Amperes.

The Vanguard LTCA-40 has one resistance reading channel dedicated for dynamic resistance testing. The dynamic resistance test feature can be used to monitor the transformer LTC or Voltage Regulator contact resistance while changing tap positions. A resistance plot shows the transformer LTC contact and winding resistance and can be used to detect LTC/Voltage Regulator contact problems.

The transformer LTC or Voltage Regulator AC motor current can also be monitored by the LTCA-40 using an AC clamp on the current sensor. This feature can be used to monitor the LTC motor “On-Time” at each tap change operation.

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