Maximizing Power Usage and Reducing Electric Bills Through Preventive Electrical Maintenance

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The electrical components in your electrical system deteriorate after a while of operation. This inserts power losses in the system which can cause high electric bills even with minimal power consumption. It can also cause instability and may damage other equipment. You might want to check out these articles about testers used to optimize the power line to learn more…

The Dranetz PX5 Offers a System for Complete Power Quality Analysis is about the Power Xplorer 5 Analyzer. This tool can help measure distortion in the power line. It is important to reduce the distortion in the power line because it can cause equipment to draw more power than needed.

The MOM2 Megger DLRO Offers High Current Output Even on Batteries discusses the features of a handheld MicroOhmmeter. This tester is used to test the conductivity of terminals and other components that carry high currents. A good conductor should have low resistance to ensure maximum power delivery.

Reducing power losses can help reduce electric bills. Get the test equipment you need for electrical diagnostics from Protec Equipment Resources. We have rental plans to meet your budget and your needs. Contact an equipment specialist today for more details on available equipment and to request for a quote.