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Maximize the Value of Your Meter

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You give a lot of thought to choosing the right digital multimeter for your job, but do you give equal thought to which accessories will ensure you the best bang for your meter buck? The correct accessories can enhance the versatility of your test equipment, transforming it from a voltage meter into a current meter or into a thermometer.

To get the most out of your instruments, it’s a good idea to pay just as much attention to choosing high-quality accessories. Which ones you’ll need depend both on what you intend to test and the environment in which you plan to do the testing.

Protec’s test equipment rental inventory contains everything you need to get the most from your equipment and to enhance your work experience. So whether you’re considering a Megger 835110-1 Pentameter or a Fluke 337 Clamp-On Ammeter, consult with your Protec representative. We’ll find just the right accessory to make your job a snap.