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Managing equipment is so last century

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An article in the Wall Street Journal today announces the end of that great monument of the 20th century: management.  The article explains how management’s role has been to organize people to do large and complex tasks. However, in the 21st century, collaboration via the internet is doing a pretty good job of just that.

This bodes well for small business.  As larger companies are able to open their projects to specialized craftworkers, the need to maintain a dedicated team of specialist declines. And within a small business, the same rule applies – why maintain a specialized piece of equipment, such as a VLF hipot in your warehouse, when utilization is relatively low?  Why own a Doble Relay test set if your company only needs it twice a year?

The internet makes resource management less of a burden.  For example, our on-line catalog makes literally millions of dollars worth of test equipment available to you simply by typing in a few key words.