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Make Insulation Testing Easy with the Doble M4100

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Insulation problems can be difficult to diagnose if you do not have the right test equipment.  Even a detailed visual inspection wouldn’t be able to tell if something’s wrong with them. The only way to be completely sure if an insulator is still safe and effective is by testing it with a high-quality power factor tester.

With the number of 
power factor test sets available on the market, the Doble M4100 is considered to be one of the most reliable and accurate testers. Adhering to the industry standards for electrical diagnostic equipment, this tool ensures durability and accurate test results. It features optional add-ons like an oil test cell, capacitor bank tester, a leakage reactance module and TTR capacitor to enhance its testing capabilities. It is also portable and gives you the option to recalibrate and verify its accuracy even in the field. This reduces delays and the hassle of sending the tool to a recalibration center.

If you find the M4100 beneficial for your electrical facility, consider renting one from ProtecEquipment Resources. We offer variable leasing services to cater to your needs. Call us at 1-866 352 5550 and let an equipment professional assist you with your needs.