Maintenance and Protection Using Electrical Test Equipment

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People working in industries where electrical test equipment is excessively used are aware of the importance of protection and safety. There are many precautions to be taken, and these precautions are life saving necessities for those involved in the electrical works.

This is why testing equipment is very important when it comes to electric and electronic industry. Out of all electrical testing brands, Megger is one brand that will never fail you. You will find Megger test equipment to be very reliable. A few points to be kept in mind while using such equipment are as follows:

  •        While handling or even working with batteries, it is important to protect your hands by using rubber gloves. Also, wear rubber gloves while working with sealed cells, as any sort of seepage or leak can prove to be corrosive due to its acidic nature.
  •        While working on flooded cells, especially when you are doing any hydrometer measurements, it recommended using rubber apron in addition to the gloves.
  •        Eye protection is a must, because even sealed cells could have damages or internal problems which may cause a thermal runway. Remember, batteries are dangerous items.
  •        Do not wear any jewelry that is conductive.
  •        Using metallic tools should be prohibited as you deal with battery current.

Megger rental is possible through various online stores and it saves a lot of money.