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Maintaining Protective Devices to Ensure Safety in Electrical Systems

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There is a possibility of your electrical system catching fire if your protective devices are faulty. This can cause great loss in your assets. It is very important for your maintenance team to keep your electrical system in good working condition to prevent unexpected expenses on repairs.

One of the tests carried out in circuit breakers is a secondary injection test. The 
secondary injection test set injects a trip signal to determine if the protective device will respond to it. A stuck mechanism or wrong calibration can cause electrical accidents to happen. Another test done is by using a circuit breaker timer. It injects a trip signal then measures how fast the contacts if the protective device will respond. It should break the current in within a few milliseconds to be fast enough to protect the power line. Corrosion or contaminants can make the contacts stick to each other, making it too slow to open. This can be dangerous to your system and may cause fires.

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