Maintain your Transformer’s Efficiency by Regular Dielectric Oil Assessments using a Doble Test Cell

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Dielectric oils found in transformers, circuit breakers and capacitors serve as an insulator as well as a coolant. Insulating oil becomes unreliable when dissolved acids, moisture and other contaminants are in it. The contaminants may allow currents to flow and cause power loss which is dissipated as heat. This can shorten the operating life of your equipment and may eventually breakdown.

When testing insulating oils, it is impractical and dangerous to test it while it is inside an  electrical component. A convenient method of testing dielectric oils is by using an oil test cell. This allows you to conduct breakdown 
high voltage test, capacitance, tan delta and power factor test conveniently. The OTC oil test cell from Doble Engineering is a popular vessel for holding insulating oils. You can use this in conjunction with the Doble M4000 for a complete dielectric oil analysis.

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