Maintain Transformer Characteristics with the Raytech TR-SPY

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Transformers are used in a wide array of electrical or electronic applications. Providing functions that range from isolation and stepping up or stepping down voltage and current to noise rejection and signal measurement. In order to test that a transformer will meet its design specification, a number of functions should be tested and one of the most commonly used tests is turns ratio.

Raytech TR-SPY Mark II Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio)The Raytech TR-SPY Mark II has quickly become recognized as the World’s most advanced Three Phase Transformer Ratiometer.

Features of the Raytech TR-SPY Mark II include:

– Automatic measurements of Voltage/Turns Ratio, Current and Phase displacement 

– Internal storage for 100 complete test results (greater than 1,300 memory locations) 

– Single push button operation 

– Single hook up to the transformer 

– Ratio testing from 0.08 to 13,000 turns 

– Five test voltage ranges 1 V, 10V, 40V, 100V and Automatic 

– Displays deviation from a nominal ratio 

– Graphical tap changer display 

– Load on test object < 0.05 VA 

– Enhanced, heavy-duty protection circuitry

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