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Maintain Power Quality with Fluke and Dranetz

The measure of a system’s reliability of operation is known as its power quality. It is essential to check and maintain power quality, as a failure to do so may lead to significant losses through heating, unscheduled downtime and the and the shortened life cycle of power system apparatus.

Fluke_1750Fluke offers a wide range of power quality testing tools for maintenance, troubleshooting, or prevention of power disturbance. The Fluke 1750 Three Phase Power Recorder, a three-phase power quality recorder, is one such device. It complies with the IEC61000-4-30 standards, and has reliable and fast configuration. It works with intuitive software, monitored via PC, and without any hassle of wires, as its channels can be swapped internally. The Fluke 1750 samples at a rate of 256 samples/cycle and 5 MHz for transient voltage event capture, which helps in recording even the shortest events.

dranetz-px5Another product useful for power measurement and monitoring is the Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Monitor. It has an easily understandable and user friendly graphical user interface as a plus to the most advanced power monitoring instrument.  It has 8-channels to simultaneously capture and characterize thousands of parameters using a standardized range of operating modes. The Dranetz PX5 has a unique measuring ability that captures frequency transients at low, medium, or high levels through RMS duration, wave shape, and adaptable high speed sampling in addition to power measurements, clearly characterizing unbalanced and non-sinusoidal systems.

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