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Maintain Battery Health

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Batteries generate electrical energy by transforming chemical energy. With increasing use of electrical and electronic devices in our lives, batteries have occupied a much more important status than ever before. To make sure that a battery is functioning properly and at its optimum level, it is essential to use the latest high quality electrical test equipment. This test equipment can be purchased or rented from our electrical test equipment rental store to suit your needs.  

There are three main tests that can be used to diagnose the battery system:

  1.      Impedance Meters: The impedance test kit is used to measure the internal impedance offered by battery to AC passing through it. A properly functioning battery will offer low impedance which may increase on development of faults.
  2.      Hydrometers: Hydrometers are specifically used to measure the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte.
  3.      Load Units: Load units are essential for checking the capacity of the battery system. They are used to assess the amount of charge a battery can hold.

Regular battery testing using Megger test equipment is not only good for the health of your battery operated electrical devices and standalone batteries but also for your wallet. It prevents additional expenditure arising due to battery failure or electrical device down time.