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Lucky or Just Good?

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I received a call recently from a customer in Indiana.  They were preparing for a job that would be taking place the next morning in Michigan that required a secondary injection test set, a DLRO, and a circuit breaker timer.  They had just received their DLRO and circuit breaker timer back from their calibration provider in Indiana, but wanted to test it to make sure it worked prior to heading out on the job site.  Amazingly the DLRO was not functioning correctly.

At that point he gave me a call.  He knew I was somewhat local (about 90 minutes away), he knew that we had great rental inventory up here, and he was thinking that we might be able to get him a unit in the same day.

Fast forward two hours and he has a best-in-class, calibrated, working DLRO in hand and everything is set for his job.  This is a beautiful thing because it means that we have a happy customer, and judging by how conscientious he was in preparing for the job, I am sure that he will have a happy customer as well.

Some might say that it was lucky that he found the error, lucky that he had access to a great, local rental company, and lucky that we had the DLRO he needed in stock.

I disagree.

I think that he showed tremendous attention to detail by fully testing his equipment prior to leaving for the job.  Our advance work made sure we had the right inventory on hand and our internal processes made sure that equipment was fully tested, had current calibration certificates, and everything was ready to go. 

It is interesting because sometimes people don’t realize how much work goes into making a job run smoothly (and this involves the planning work, the actual execution, and the post job work).  At Protec Equipment Resources we do that work so that when you need us it is an effortless process, and we will do everything we can to help.  If you would ever like to discuss inventory strategies to improve the performance of your equipment give us a call, we can help with that too.