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Lowering Resistance with Megger DLRO

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The Megger DLRO10 is fast lowering the resistance of technician’s work of measuring low resistance. This fully automatic system will measure .1 ohm to 2000 ohm resistance in seven different ranges. Techs using this high quality instrument can take control over the measuring process with the DLRO10’s online, real time results and storage for record download. There is even a place to record observations and notes for later transcription or transmission.

Each one of these high performance Megger test equipment sets feature durable cases built to help this Megger weather tough field conditions or the safer interiors found in labs and offices. Especially convenient is the ability to wear the unit around the neck and take it to places not usually accessed by this type of test equipment. The easy to read LED displays information clearly and features a backlight to make use in dim or dark conditions possible.

The Megger DLRO operates with a NiMH, nickel metal hydride, battery packs that is interchangeable with a spare, rechargeable pack that techs can carry on the job to avoid any testing interruptions.

Protec features the Megger DLRO as well as other battery testing equipment to suit any industry’s applications. With short and long term rental availability, your company can preserve cash reserves, avoid costly maintenance and have the equipment you need on hand to test and maintain your investment. Give us a call today.