Lower Electric Bills by Increasing Your Electrical System’s Efficiency

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Reducing power consumption is not the only way to save on electrical bills. You may not be aware that there are losses in your electrical system that contribute to high electric bills. Bad electrical connection and poor power quality are some of the factors that contribute to power losses. It is important to have the right electrical test equipment to help maximize the efficiency of the electrical system and reduce electric costs.

Many do not realize that poor power quality is a serious problem. The distortion in the power line can cause unstable equipment operation, higher power consumption than needed, overheating and electromagnetic interference. Poor connection in between electrical terminals is also another problem that must be corrected. This can cause localized heating due to the resistance and reduce the efficiency of carrying power to different parts of the circuit. 

If you lack the troubleshooting equipment you need, why not rent test equipment instead. This is an effective service that lets you carry out preventive maintenance without spending that much.

Protec Equipment Resources offers high quality power quality analyzers, DLROs, insulation testers and more for rent. You can give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 to learn more about our rental plans.