Lower Down Power Losses Through Regular Power Quality Analysis

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Power quality suffers when there is a high amount of unwanted power events like spikes, swells, dips and harmonics. These distortions are detrimental to the electrical system and can cause problems like severe power losses, erratic operation of machinery, locking up of computers and shortened operating life of equipment. It is important to keep the electrical system free from distortion to ensure continuous reliable operation.

Common electrical devices like electric ballasts, heaters, power rectifiers and switched-mode power supplies are the source of power line distortion. To correct bad power quality, a complex network of compensation circuits are used. The proper values to use in the network is determined by measuring the type and amplitude of distortion in the mains. This is done by using power quality analyzers.

A power quality analyzer captures, graphs and allows you to analyze trends of power quality events. If you are thinking of getting one, you might want to consider some of these popular testers on the market today. These devices are trusted by many because of their excellent feautures. Below is a comparison of testers to help you decide what tester to pick that best suits your needs.

Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Recorder

This device boasts fast power event capturing and multifunction capability. Aside fro measuring power quality events, it can also measure resistance and voltage. This means you do not need to carrry extra equipment with you during electrical system diagnostics.

Product Features

  •        True RMS power quality recorder
  •        Measures a wide spectrum of power events luke current, voltage, surges, harmonics, reactive, apparent and active power, power factor, frequency and energy.
  •        Can measure power quality parameters in single and 3-phase electrical systems
  •        It is compatible with a lot of current transducers
  •        Oscilloscope function
  •        Has the capability to simultaneously record up 64 power parameters
  •        Can be connected to a computer to download data
  •        Adjustable test voltages up to 1000 Volts
  •        Intergrated timer that can be programmed
  •        Built-in Ohmmeter, Voltmeter and MegOhmmeter
  •        Dual power option: batteries of mains
  •        Password protection feature
  •        Built-in Indicator for phase sequence

Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Recorder

An advanced instrument with a high-speed capture and sampling rate. These features allow the PX5 to capture any power quality event even in unbalanced and non-sinusoidal electrical facilities. It features 8-channel inputs and an easy to use touch screen interface. It also has the capability to display multiple data simultaneously for easy analysis of power quality. The PX5 is very lightweight and compact, making it a suitable device for field and industrial applications.

Product Features

  •        4 differential inputs
  •        1-600V AC/DC at 256 samples/cycle
  •        1 MHz sampling 14-bit ADC
  •        10MH resolution
  •        Cycle-by-cycle analysis
  •        Harmonics summary parameters
  •        Cross triggering for voltage and current channels
  •        Transient event characterization
  •        RMS event characterization
  •        5 signaling frequency or harmonics user specified settings
  •        Can continuously log data
  •        Measures Flicker as per IEC 61000-4-15, DPF, energy, VA, W, VAR, TPF, THD, TID, Crest factor, Telephone interference factor
  •        Arithmetic/Vector/Coincident parameters
  •        IEEE 1159, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and EN50160 compliant

Fluke 43B Power Quality Recorder

A powerful solution for analysis of power quality events. Optimized for industrial applications and has an extended frequency range which makes it suitable also for railway, aviation and marine use. It also has additional functions like an oscilloscope, data recorder and a multimeter. With the intergrated functions, you do not need to carry separate testers with you. This saves you time and effort in electrical system diagnostics.

Product Features

  •        Can effectively measure DPF, PF, VA, W and VAR
  •        10 to 400 Hertz frequency range
  •        Allows you to measure motor inrush
  •        Lets you analyze results using cursor tools
  •        Can continuously measure swells and sags for up to 24 hours cyle-by-cycle
  •        Measures harmonics up to the 51st
  •        Can measure current, resistance, capacitance and voltage
  •        Can test diodes and continuity
  •        Automatically calculates for power factor and power in balanced 3-phase loads
  •        Built-in dual-channel oscilloscope function up to 20 MHz
  •        Allows recording of 2 power events for up to 16 days
  •        Capable of storing 400 voltage events using the Fluke 43Kit
  •        Internal storage for 20 data and screens
  •        FlukeView PC software lets you log and analyze power events
  •        Operates on NiMH batteries for up to 6.5 hours

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