Low Voltage SACE Relay Testing with the ABB SACE PRO10/T Secondary Injection Test Kit

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Relays switch current constantly causing the contacts to degrade prematurely. The switching causes the magnetic field of the coil to collapse, inducing a counter EMF. The counter EMF causes a spark to jump across the contacts which may cause the deposition of carbon to may weld the contacts together.

saceRegular testing can help technicians spot defects before they cause serious damage to the electrical facility.  A secondary injection test kit is a tool used for assessing the whole mechanism and control electronics of relays. This tester simulates the trigger signals and checks if the relay will respond accordingly.

The ABB SACE PRO10/T Secondary Injection Test Set is a test unit designed to test ABB SACE relays. It can test, read parameters and program the relays to ensure they are in good working condition. 


  •        Can test both hardware and software components of SACE relays
  •        Allows you to conduct protection and trip functions tests
  •        Lets you program curve, interlock and threshold parameters of circuit breakers

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