Low Resistance Ohmmeter to Meet Your Needs

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When you need to detect faults in welded metal, changes in circuit breakers or connections, a low resistance ohmmeter can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. By testing junction resistance, inspecting for corrosive rust and weakened joints, accidents can be prevented because techs are able to locate weak structures found in faulty electrical equipment. As systems begin to degrade, power loss can be the result making electrical systems work that much harder to supply current and voltage needs.

Having reliable test equipment to measure the efficiency of existing electrical systems will help in the maintenance and operation of this important equipment. For a scheduled testing regimen that will protect the performance of your equipment as well as the safety of workers, Megger test equipment can be a valuable addition to your facilities. The Megger DLRO or low resistance ohmmeter is a popular choice among engineers and technicians who depend on accuracy and reliability in equipment testing results.

We offer several choices of low and high resistance ohmmeters to handle your testing needs.

The Megger meter 247001 is a highly accurate test instrument for low resistance testing and production quality control. Its portability makes it excellent for field work on the job site.

The Raytech Micro Junior 11 digital low resistance ohmmeter is another rugged unit that can handle tough field conditions and is also waterproof. Its output is 10 amp with resistance measurements of .1 micro ohms to 400 kilo ohms.

Our rental programs provide a wide selection of equipment for testing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our battery, cable, insulation and relay testing equipment can be put to work on your project. We can be reached online through our Protec Insider form or on our 24 hour support line – 866.352.5550.