Low Resistance Measurement with the 10A Megger DLRO

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Metals have a very low resistance that cannot be accurately measured by an ordinary Ohmmeter. If you need to measure the resistance of metal junctions like welded joints or relay contacts, you should use a digital low resistance Ohmmeter. This can effectively measure resistance as low as a few microOhms in metal joints and electrical components.

A DLRO is commonly used in an industrial setting like in railroads, substations and shipyards. This tool helps engineers detect minute changes in resistance caused by corrosion,weakened parts, moisture and other factors that can affect the integrity of the joint. This helps diagnose safety hazards and repair them before they cause accidents. One of the most commonly used tools is the 10A Megger DLRO. This tool has been the workhorse in the industry when low resistance measurement is needed. It has an output test voltage of 10 Amperes which is sufficient for most applications. This tool undergoes Megger’s strict manufacturing standards which guarantees accurate and reliable operation.

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