Looking for a Top-Notch DLRO?

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If you are looking for a DLRO that gives you accurate results in under 3 seconds, then you definitely want to take a close look at the Megger DLRO-10. This digital low-resistance ohmmeter brings a new standard to the measurement of low resistance values. The Megger DLRO-10 is light enough to be worn around the neck and small enough to take into areas that previously limited access to low-resistance meters. And the bright LED display makes it easy to read even in the darkest corners.

The Megger DLRO-10 automatically selects the highest current to measure resistance from 0.1 µΩ to 2000 Ω on one of seven ranges. It measures with forward and reverse currents to cancel the effects of any standing voltages across the test sample and displays the average value in 3 seconds. Five measurement modes are available: normal, auto, continuous, high power and high power auto.

Some applications for the Megger DRLO-10 include making dc resistance measurements for switch and contact breaker resistance, Busbar and cable joints, integrity of welded joints, intercell strap connections on battery systems up to 600 V peak and quality control of resistive components.