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Looking for a Circuit Breaker Test Set to Effectively Test Protective Devices?

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If you are looking for a circuit breaker test set that can effectively test protective devices by measuring the timing and motion of the mechanism, the Doble TDR9100 or the Doble TDR9000 test sets are a perfect fit. These advanced test units simulate electrical system conditions and determines if the circuit breaker will respond properly, and provide accurate and efficient testing of dynamic timing and mechanism motion of circuit breakers.

Doble_TDR9100Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System

The Doble TDR9100 is an easy-to-use, circuit breaker test system for accurate performance measurements with the added flexibility to double or triple your useable channels.


  • Verify the control circuit
  • Check motion of the moving parts
  • Validate time of operation
  • Pinpoint root causes of problems
  • Assess circuit breaker overall capability
  • Fulfill compliance testing requirements
  • Demonstrate results of maintenance


Doble_tdr9000Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System

The Doble TDR9000 is a state-of-the art Circuit Breaker Test System engineered to test all types of circuit breakers. The modular construction of the Doble TDR9000 allows testing of simple circuit breakers, to very complex circuit breakers, using a single, field-portable and rugged instrument.


  • Measurement of grading capacitors capacitance values,
    and insertion resistor resistance values
  • Immune to Interference
  • Modular Design
  • High Accuracy Motion Recording
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • Comprehensive Testing

Available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources.  We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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