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Looking for a AC and DC Hipot in One? Consider the HVA30

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A high potential breakdown diagnostic test has been the standard when it comes to cable insulation testing. The test is straightforward and simple to conduct. Apply a high voltage, if the cable breaks down, then it’s bad. DC was commonly used before for hipot testing. However, it was discovered that the very high voltage caused good cables to go bad. DC is still being used for quality control of new cables that are about to be commissioned. However, for cables undergoing preventive maintenance, AC hipot is the ideal test.

It is ideal to have both an AC and DC high potential testers available in your facility. This allows you to conduct tests anytime especially during emergency diagnostics. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tester that can do both? Is that even possible? Yes it is! The HV Diagnostics HVA30 is a 30 kiloVolt VLF and also a 30 kiloVolt DC hipot. It allows fully automated or manual cable test sequences. It can put out a symmetrical sinusoidal wave which is load independent  across the full testing range. This makes it ideal for testing various various types of cables and even generators, motors and transformers.

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