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LeBron James – From Example to Non-Example

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For the past several years, LeBron James has been heralded as the King (Ok, so he was one of the loudest of the heralds).  Recently, Mr. James provided an excellent example of how not to be the King.

Overpromise, Underdeliver – James promised Cleveland a championship, which never happened.  Businesses cannot afford this approach.  If Protec Equipment Resources tells you that you’ll have a DC Hipot by morning, we will move mountains to get it there.

Remain out of reach
 – James did not bother to inform Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert of his departure.  At Protec Equipment Resources, there is typically someone at the phones before 7 am and usually until past 7 pm. After that, our phones roll to our cell phones so you can still get ahold of us. We know that if you are calling at 10 pm, it’s because you really need that Vanguard test set and we will be there for you.

Put your needs first
 – Lebron James definitely made the right career choice, in terms of maximizing revenue.  But the long-term score is not counted in dollars and cents.  There are many ways for a business to make money, particularly on short-term deals. In contrast, I have had many conversations with Kevin Nichols (the owner of Protec) about how we are in this business to change how electrical equipment rental is done.  That is what keeps a company in business.