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Keeping the Connection with DLRO Testing

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When it comes to diagnosing and carrying out preventative maintenance, the DLRO or digital low resistance ohmmeter offers low resistance measuring capability to identify poor connections or other resistance issues in relays, battery connections or other vital electrical system components.

Of particular importance with 
DLRO testing is that it is usually performed on high voltage apparatus. Making sure that contacts are connecting properly will help to reduce power losses while also identifying corrosion or contamination that builds resistance between joints resulting in loss of power efficiency. 

Many DLROs are large units with low output currents so for those using these testers in the field portability and durability are two primary considerations when choosing which DLRO is the best fit for a project.

Here at Protec our large selection of ohmmeters and other test and measurement equipment makes it easy to pick just the right equipment for the job. If you need help locating the right testing system, just call our friendly and knowledgeable support staff so they can assist you with choosing the right one and also answer any questions you might have about the equipment. 

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