Keeping Systems Operational with Secondary Injection Test Kit

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Routine diagnostic testing of circuit breakers ensures that these vital systems remain operational. When a circuit breaker doesn’t trip due to a fault situation, worker safety and equipment integrity is at risk. Furthermore, without proper maintenance, these components can create complete system failure, which ultimately results in loss of money due to business interruption as well as costly repairs.

Using a 
secondary injection test kit such as the Merlin Gerin ME Test Set ensures that systems may be properly tested and stays in operation for much longer than those not tested at all. This versatile and flexible test and measurement equipment offers short time, long time and instantaneous trip testing as well as ground fault protection tests for multiple relays including:

  •        Masterpact Circuit Breakers: STR18-STR58 and ST208-ST418 trip units
  •        Compact Circuit Breakers:  STR25-STR55, STCM2 & STCM3, ST204-ST224 and ST205-ST315 trip units
  •        Compact NS Circuit Breakers: STR22, STR23, STR22ME, STR43 and STR53 trip units

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