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Keeping Protective Relays in Good Condition with the Megger SR-98 Relay Test Set

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Protective relays are electromechanical devices that are designed to trip circuit breakers in the event of a fault. These devices have adjustable operating parameters depending on the application. Their accuracy should be well maintained because even a small error can cause serious problems in the electrical system. One of the tools used for testing protective relays is the Megger SR-98 Relay Tester. This tester provides the necessary voltage and current which can be phase shifted for testing various types of protective relays.

relay test set has a microprocessor-controlled system which allows independent fine control of the output and accurate measurements. It has a digital meter that displays the output voltage and can also display other values such as resistance, power, VARS, frequency, power factor and phase angle. The Megger SR-98 has an RS232 port so you can attach it to a computer for data acquisition and control. You also have the option to connect a printer to its parallel port. This allows you to print the test results for documentation.

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