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Keeping it Safe with Cable Test Equipment

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The safety of users and workers is top priority when using any form of electrical equipment. This need for safety underscores the importance of cable test equipment for companies that deal in the production and distribution of electrical powered apparatus to the market as well as those who use this equipment in factories, substations and warehouses.

Safeguarding equipment and those around it is vital to the quality control process during production and use of electric components. It ensures protection for not only your workers but also the end-user of the device. By regularly monitoring and testing equipment, the chance of breakdown, costly repairs and potential injury is greatly reduced.  

One of the most used testing devices in the market today is the hipot tester, which checks for the continuity in current flow. The high potential test or hipot stops the flow from one point to another by sending high voltage through the cable. Testing can be performed using this high voltage isolation method on appliances, wired assemblies, circuit boards, cables, transformers and motors. The DC hipot test verifies whether an electrical device has sufficient insulation to protect the user from electrical shocks. An AC hipot, on the other hand, verifies the insulation capacity for power from alternating current sources. Both these tests are an essential part of quality control for high-powered electric equipment. 

We offer high voltage test equipment for hipot, power factor and insulation testing as well as many other useful diagnostic needs for rent or purchase. Simply visit our website to learn more and then contact us on our 24 hour live support line at 866.352.5550 to speak directly to an expert about your high voltage testing needs.