Keeping It Clean with Doble OTC Testing

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When dielectric oils begin to accumulate contaminants and impurities, their ability to properly insulate electrical components becomes compromised. In this fragile state, the potential for partial or full shorts as well as complete breakdowns of vital systems grows. If not handled immediately, these conditions can lead to ultimate failure of equipment and the need to replace it.

By regularly testing the oils, companies can extend the life of their equipment without the costly expense of replacement. The ideal test and measurement equipment for this type of testing project is the Doble M4100 
power factor test set and the Doble OTC or oil test cell. When combined, these two pieces of Doble equipment offer everything you need to determine whether dirt, rust, acid or moisture has entered components to contaminate the oil inside. If they have, conductivity increases making equipment less than reliable.

Fortunately, users may take small samples with the test cell in order to run a series of high voltage test scenarios including capacitance, breakdown voltage and constants. By scheduling a regular test and maintenance schedule using these instruments, equipment stays operational and workers’ safety is ensured. Learn about our rental program for Doble testing equipment and other fine manufacturers by reviewing our informative site and then contacting us to get started.