Keep Track of Power Events with Fluke 1750

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Fluke 1750 is a handy little device that solves all your power quality problems. With this device you can record, monitor, and analyze power quality which helps you immensely in predictive maintenance of your electrical equipment. Efficient utilization of power and optimization of power quality is essential for increasing productivity and cutting costs.

The measurements of this unit are very accurate and comply with international standards. It has a front panel interface so that you can keep track of the data being recorded and its configuration is very reliable and quick. After the data has been collected, you can then apply thresholds with Power Analyze Software that comes with the device.  All measurements are captured very efficiently all the time on every channel. The set up process is extremely simple and automated. The analysis of data and generation of reports is also easily done with the revolutionary PC software. With this new three phase power quality recorder, you’ll be able to obtain a detailed picture of even very short events.

This Fluke power quality equipment can be rented from Protec Equipment Services at a very affordable price. And if you decide to finally buy it, we also offer electrical test equipment retail services. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and efficient services.