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Keep Systems in Check with Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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When you need to check the condition of circuit breakers or relays, the Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is the standard in test and measurement equipment.

When electrical equipment is functioning correctly, the circuit breaker, contacts or terminals have low resistance; however, over time, joints within these elements begin to weaken while causing an increase in resistance. This may happen with buildup of carbon, dirt or contaminants enter the system and create power dissipation. Eventually, the joints deteriorate and ultimately fail.

Many people turn to standard multimeters to perform this type of testing, but unfortunately, these units do not have the ability for measuring at this extremely low resistance. Micro Ohmmeters are the preferred devices for this testing, and save users plenty of time in the testing and measurement process. Because the digital ohmmeter offers enhanced functionality including automatic and protective features, they outperform regular multimeters and ohmmeters.

The Megger DLRO improves the handling of testing while giving users more control over the measurement process. With built in memory, data is stored for later analysis, and the added computer communication allows the device to transfer test results to a PC for storage and analytical trending.

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