Keep Strong Power Quality with Dranetz PX5

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When power quality is poor, it can cause many different issues within an electrical system. These include added power loss, computer lockup, erratic machine operation and even premature failure of equipment. The way to prevent system problems from occurring is to conduct diagnostic tests of systems on a regular basis.

Power quality analyzers such as the Dranetz PX5 are the preferred electrical test equipment necessary to detect issues and prevent future problems later on. The PX5 provides accurate measurements of power quality harmonics and events with a large sample rate for better resolution and capture event accuracy. Without these detectors, nonlinear loads can ultimately cause quality deterioration in power supply. The loads will distort waveform power to create harmonics that ultimately lead to complete malfunction.

This particular Dranetz model offers applications within the system that allow for flexibility and versatility in testing. These include transient capture, survey feature diagnostics, capacitor event capture, detection of load distortions, flicker data capture and harmonics events. A special feature in addition to the varied testing is the included software that allows the unit to be connected to PC or laptop for added access and analysis. Users may also opt to utilize the 4 gig flash memory for added onboard storage.

In addition to English, this model offers foreign language support for users needing assistance in their native language includes Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Swedish, French, Italian, German and Finnish.

Product Highlights:

* Lightweight & portable – only 4.2 pounds
* Covered with rubber to handle tough field applications
* Large LCD display with color touch screen
* Total of 8 voltage and current channels
* Sampling available up to 256 per cycle
* Can be used for AC or DC
* High speed samples and capturing of data
* Transient detection at high speeds using oscilloscope similar method
* Ability to capture parameters for IEEE 1459 – non-sinusoidal systems
* Communicates remotely via Ethernet, RS232 or USB cable
* AC or battery operation
* Battery has external charger
* 4 gigabyte flash memory
* Multi-language support
* Advanced DRAN-VIEW computer software
* Compliance with multiple national and international IEEE standards
* Flicker measurements and electrical harmonics for IEC 61000-4-15 and 61000-4-7 respectively
* 400 Hz option

Our electrical test and measurement equipment is available for short or long term rental as well as purchase. Be sure to contact our friendly and knowledgeable support specialists today at 866.352.5550 to learn more about the equipment inventory and to discuss our affordable rental programs.