Keep it Safe with HV Diagnostics

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While many hipot testers exist in the marketplace today, the DC and VLK hipot testers that techs turn to time and again are those designed and manufactured by HV Diagnostics.

Proper testing of cable insulation requires the right equipment so that cables are not damaged. Using the right diagnostic tester keeps equipment operational so that users are able to ascertain whether insulation is functioning properly. The safe and effective way to accomplish testing without injury or damage is through the use of 
VLF hipot tests.

The VLF or very low frequency measurement will not cause damage to cables as with AC or DC hipot testing. The reason is that a very low amount of power is used. The VLF hipot sends out low sine wave frequencies to ensure that equipment can handle the typical current that runs through the system.

Equipment such as the HV Diagnostics HVA30 works to accurately provide measurements to ensure that medium and high voltage cables, bushings and transformers are properly insulated. When combined with the TD30 Tan Delta Bridge, users can also measure tan delta test cycles without complicated wiring set up.

Learn more about our hipot testers from this manufacturer and other leading suppliers of test equipment by contacting our support specialists today at (866) 352-5550.