Keep It Operational with Megger Test Equipment MCT1600

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Checking transformers on a regular basis will help to ensure that currents and metering is functioning correctly. When a transformer is not operating optimally, the potential for serious issues can arise which will ultimately lead to damage, expensive repairs and downtime. A regular schedule of testing and maintenance ensures that workers are safe and equipment will be operational for many years to come.

When it comes to transformer testing, Megger test equipment is some of the best available in the marketplace today. A Megger meter such as the MCT1600 CT Tester will find when a transformer’s over current protection device is not tripping correctly. A faulty transformer will eventually cause serious damage and also result in incorrect power measurements. Successful maintenance of transformers can be achieved with the MCT 1600 Multi Tap CT Tester, which allows for quick CT testing and result storage right onto a USB device for later analysis or printing. With its built-in keypad and choice of auto or manual testing, the ability to perform demagnetization, knee point saturation, phase deviation and CT ratios is unparalleled. The unit can also be mounted onto switch gears, oil circuit breakers or transformers for CT testing.

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