Keep Defective Insulation in Check with Megger CB100

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When insulation is defective, electric test equipment is at risk for failure. Conditions such as moisture, overheating and stress can often create situations where insulation weakens resulting in eventual system break downs.

With proper early detection, however, parts can be reconditioned and the life of the system be extended. Every business needs to preserve cash flow and in this economy, keeping equipment functioning properly is vital to continued operations and staying within budget. That’s where Megger test equipment like Megger CB100 comes in and provides necessary diagnostic testing units to ensure the continued operations of your vital investment. 

This power factor test set measures insulation capacitance automatically to keep key personnel from having to manually calculate testing results. Besides saving valuable time and resources, the CB100 unit was engineered to focus on worker safety with its low testing voltage that is safer for equipment and employees conducting tests.  

Ideal for lab, shop and substation testing, this self-contained Megger insulation test unit is built for tough conditions around other electrical equipment that might skew accurate measurements. To secure the rental of this insulation testing tool for your business projects, contact one of our friendly staff at 866.352.5550 to learn more. Our rental programs are designed to meet your project’s schedule, and with distribution networks in Dallas and Chicago, we have the means to get you the test equipment you need quickly.