ISA T1000 Relay Test Set for Maintaining Power

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The ISA T 1000 Secondary Injection Relay Test Set is specifically designed to test relay and transducers. Testing relay systems is imperative for preventing electrical issues and maintaining continuous power. This exceptional unit by ISA is controlled by a microprocessor and comes with advanced software that allows for highly reliable testing and recording of results in the software database. The powerful software sets this system apart from other relay tests sets in that results data can be used to create an electrical network for relays, transformers, circuit breakers, transducers and meters.

battery testing equipment will analyze power frequency and supply voltage changes as well as flickers and voltage imbalance. With a multitude of tasks that can be performed by the ISA system, technicians and engineers will make this unit their go-to equipment for relay testing of power facilities.

Protec offers the ISA T1000 single phase relay test set for both rent and purchase. Our company also has all the equipment you need to perform AC hipot test, insulation analyzing, cable fault locating and just about any other testing or maintenance systems to keep electrical systems up and running smoothly. Give us a call to learn more about how our rental program can preserve your cash flow and protect your equipment investment. Our 24 hour live support line is 866.352.5550.