Iris Power ELCID Evolution A Reliable, Easy-To-Use Stator Core Test Set

IrisPower_ELCID-EL-CIDThe IRIS Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set – EL CID Evolution (EL CID or ELCID) testing is accepted world-wide for reliable and safe detection of stator core inter-laminar insulation faults.

Originally developed by the CEGB utility in England, the Iris Power EL CID Evolution is a reliable, easy-to-use, stator core test set.

Iris Power EL CID Evolution tests the condition of a stator core in a timely, cost effective manner. The Iris Power EL CID Evolution test can be equally applied to turbine generators, hydrogenerators, and large motors.


Iris Power EL CID Evolution Advantages

• Tests are repeatable

• Immediate test results are available for local analysis and emails

• Determines if defects are on the surface, under conductors, or sub-surface

• Tests with or without windings in place

• Allows partial retests of a core. Results can be merged to obtain a complete picture of the core condition

• Trending of previous results

• Excellent quality assurance test


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