IRIS Power EL CID Evolution Reliable, Easy-To-Use, Stator Core Test

IrisPower_ELCID-EL-CIDThe only alternative to the IRIS Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set – EL CID Evolution test is the Ring Flux (full flux) test. The Ring Flux test requires large power supplies, considerable manpower, and expensive infrared viewing cameras.

The ELCID test has the following advantages compared to the Ring Flux test:

• ELCID test provides rapid testing of the machine, often less than one work shift for turbogenerators and motors. The Ring Flux test typically takes 3 work shifts.

• Only one technician is needed to perform the test.

• Typical labor is reduced from 144 to 360 man-hours for a major turbo-generator Ring Flux test to just 8 to 10 man-hours for ELCID test.

• Rapid setup to retest after any repair ensures quick turnaround.

• Minimize intrusive repairs by instantly verifying the results.

• Safe for core and operator, unlike Ring Flux test which is potentially damaging to the uncooled core.

Originally developed by the CEGB utility in England, the IRIS Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set – EL CID Evolution is the third generation of this reliable, easy-to-use, stator core test. IRIS Power EL CID Evolution tests the condition of a stator core in less time and with lower costs than earlier EL CID models.

The IRIS Power EL CID Evolution test can be equally applied to turbine generators, hydro-generators, and large motors.

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