Investing in a Leakage Reactance Module Can Help You Save Money on Transformer Replacements

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A transformer is prone to winding deformation because of the constant heat-cooling cycles and mechanical vibration. A deformed or displaced winding can reduce the efficiency of the transformer and can eventually fail. It is important to detect winding problems early before they get worse to save you on equipment replacement costs.

A short circuit impedance test is carried out on a transformer to detect winding problems. The leakage reactance of a transformer is affected if there are any physical changes to the leakage flux pathway.  This information is used to detect winding deformation in the transformer even without removing it from its metal casing. You should consider investing in a leakage reactance module such as the M4110 from Doble test equipment. This lets you regularly assess the condition of your transformers. Spotting defects early helps prevent delays and lets you address issues immediately before they get out of hand.

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