Invest in Battery Testing Equipment to Help Assess the Performance of Batteries

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Batteries degrade after a while even if they are idle. The chemical reaction is only slowed down when batteries are not used. This slow deterioration can eventually lead to failure. It would be a hassle to have faulty batteries when you badly need them like during a power outage or emergency diagnostics. It is essential to regularly check their condition to ensure that they are at their best when you need them. This also allows you to prolong the storage life of batteries by slowing down the deterioration process.

Here are some articles about 
battery testing equipment that you might be interested in reading.

Megger BITE3 for Testing Vital Battery Systems is about the BITE3’s capabilities and its powerful testing system. This article also talks about its bundled software that enhances diagnostics.

Megger Torkel 860 Protects Standby Battery Power Systems discusses the 860 battery load unit and its features. This tester is used for discharge performance of batteries.

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