Insulation Tests with Megger Meter

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Megger specializes in manufacturing electrical test equipment for both personal and industrial applications. Megger meters are commonly considered the biggest name in the field of insulation test equipment. Testing insulation of any electrical device becomes mandatory to prevent short circuits or accidental shocks. Insulation is used in all electrical devices, and it is very important to test it. This is where a Megger meter comes into play.

It conducts the insulation test in a non-destructive manner. It applies DC voltage across the device and analyzes the data for any leaks or damaged insulation. It is very important to use proper voltage ranges to identify insulation damage or deterioration. Megger meters comes with preset voltage ranges making it easy for the user to use the right range for their device. It is light weight which makes it portable, and thus ideal for testing equipment kept at remote locations. All these features along with the reliability of the Megger brand make it the preferred choice for carrying out insulation tests.

We understand that purchasing the Megger meter for infrequent use is not always feasible. This is why we offer Megger rental services through our electrical test equipment rental store.