Insulation Testing with the DELTA-2000 Power Factor Test Set from Megger Test Equipment

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Insulation in high voltage components undergoes major electrical stress during operation. It is essential to check if it is still within its operating limits to reduce safety hazards. If you don’t have a reliable insulation tester in your facility, consider investing in a Megger power factor test set. 

Megger has several models of insulation testers you can choose from. One great model is the DELTA-2000 insulation power factor test set. This fully automatic Megger insulation tester is commonly used in testing the condition of high voltage equipment like bushings, lightning arresters, motors, generators, circuit breakers and transformers. It has an output test voltage of 10 kiloVolts which is suitable for testing most high voltage electrical components. Its large LCD screen displays capacitance, power factor, voltage, current and power loss test results. It also has an integrated noise suppression circuitry that helps filter out EMI and electrostatic interference present in the environment. This system ensures accurate test results even with the presence of electrical noise. 

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