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Insulation Testing with Megger Test Instruments

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Insulators are important components in any electrical or electronic system. With the advancement of insulator technology, ceramic compounds are now used for added durability. However, they still are prone to deterioration and can eventually fail. It is important to test insulators regularly to ensure optimum performance.

Most insulators fail due to normal weathering or sometimes harsh operating environments. Visual inspection is not sufficient to detect faults in the insulation. It is necessary to use proper equipment to ensure it still meets its rating. In choosing the right equipment, many prefer using Megger test instruments in conducting insulation tests. One of its popular models is the Megger S1-554 5 kV insulation tester. It can give accurate results even if the power line has interference. Its built-in interference suppression system blocks unwanted EMI that may affect the readings. This Megger insulation tester has a variable output test voltage of 50-5000 volts which is sufficient for most high voltage insulators. It has a RS232c port so you can hook it up to a computer for easy calibration. 

You can now rent Megger equipment at affordable rates from Protec. You can choose from a wide range of test equipment suitable for any electrical testing application. Contact us today and request a quote for Megger equipment rentals.