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Insulation Testing With Dielectric Absorption Test

Megger OTS-60SX 60kV Oil Dielectric Test SetA poorly insulated electrical device poses danger both to the electrical system and the user. This makes it prudent to invest in high quality and sophisticated electrical test equipment when performing insulation testing.

The dielectric absorption test is one such test that gives reliable and accurate results regarding insulation of a device. The working principle behind the testing procedure is that the resistance offered by the insulation shall increase with time as the atoms of the insulator gets polarized by the DC voltage offered by the tester. 


Three kinds of current flow occur within any insulation system, and these are:

  1. Leakage current: It is the resistive charge which is measured by testing equipment. Better insulation systems have low leakage current.
  2. Capacitive charging current: It flows on application of DC voltage between the insulation system and the earth. It is of high value in the starting but eventually drops on charging of the capacitor.
  3. Dielectric absorption current: It is the polarizing current that aligns the dipole. It is also of high value in the initial stage but gradually declines on dipole polarization.

This basic information regarding the test will enable you to take informed decision whenever choosing an insulation test set. You can contact us for electrical test equipment rental services at economic prices.

Here are just a few Dielectric Test Sets availble for rent:

Megger OTS-60SX 60kV Oil Dielectric Test Set

Hipotronics OC60D Digital Liquid Dielectric Testing Equipment

High Voltage DTS-60D Oil Dielectric Test Set

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