Insulation Testing Keeps Your Equipment and Employees Safe

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Bad Insulation is one of the many causes of electrical problems and hazards. Because of the many risks you can get from damaged insulation cables, it is important that you conduct regular insulation testing on your electrical system. 

Some tests you can conduct on your electrical systems are Hipot Test, Power Factor Test and Insulation Resistance. Every type of test requires different types of equipment. If you are not very familiar with these tests and the equipment you have to use, you may have a hard time determining the kind of insulation test that is appropriate for your electrical system. Here are some articles which can help you understand insulation testing. 

Make Insulation Testing Easy with Doble M4100 talks about a power factor tester, its advantages and differences among other testing equipment. 

Fast and Easy Insulation Testing with Metrel Insulation Testers. Aside from Doble, Metrel also offers equipment you can use to test the condition of your insulation cables. 

Hipot Testing Helps Spot Insulation Problems In Distribution Cables
. Hipot test is one of the most common procedures done on cables. This articles helps you understand the procedure. 

Rent Megger Insulation Testers from Protec. Renting equipment is one of the most affordable ways of conducting insulation tests. 

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